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CityU Engineering Doctorate Society

The society has been established 14 years since 2005 under City University of Hong Kong (CityU) System Engineering & Engineering Management Department, Engineering Doctorate Program.

The mission of the society is to gather and connect all the graduates and students of CityU Engineering Doctorate
Program. We organize activities, forum and conferences regularly to get our members connected. The society also
host forum of documentation and discussion so that our members can share and contribute to the community.

Goals and Objectives of Engineering Doctorate Society


  1. 1.To set up a community of Engineering learning partners and practitioners who can contribute useful knowledge to industry and academic
  2. To enable the Engineering community to share / exchange ideas.
  3. To create a central library of resources / documentation to be able to use by both practitioners and academic community.
  4. To create a network of Engineering community that learning partners can benefit from networking relationship in the society.
  5. To arrange academic and industry seminars in different engineering topics.
  6. To publicize and promote the status of Engineering Doctorate Program and its contribution to the society / academia and / industry.

Our Our Engineering Doctorate Society

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